What Is 4G?

So what is WanTok 4G?

Ever wondered what all the 4G fuss is about? Well, ’4G’ means ‘fast.‘ In fact ‘Really Fast’!

UP to five times faster than 3G. And it’s wireless so not only can you have blinding speed at your home or office, you have it on your mobile devices like phones and tablets. Want to watch a movie in HD, upload high-resolution images, listen to high quality streaming music or make video calls with your friends from all over the world? With WanTok 4G you can do all that and more – and all at the same time. WanTok 4G is internet heaven.

What’s great about WanTok 4G?

WanTok 4G is about making sure you’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the things you love!

  • Experience amazing picture quality when watching HD movies and YouTube clips on–the-go, with less buffering.
  • Stream your favourite music and share files, more quickly.
  • Make video calls that feel more realistic.
  • Enjoy better real-time gaming.


Great question. Let’s put 4G up against 3G in a fight of the fastest Spoiler alert: 4G wins!


Speeds are averaged across a number of devices and compare 4G and 3G network speeds. Actual speeds are device and location dependent. All brands title and names are the property of their respective owners. ^ file size *12 minute duration.

Where can I get 4G?

You get it from us! Because WanTok is the ONLY 4G network in Vanuatu.

We’re currently rolling out towers in Port Vila and putting up more every day, so check our coverage maps.

But you’ll need a compatible 4G device. WonTok can help you with a suitable device or you can supply your own. It needs to be a 4G LTE TDD Band 40 (2300MHz) compatible device. Other 4G devices from Australia and New Zealand may not automatically work.

Geek stuff about the WanTok Network

The WanTok 4G network has been assembled from brand new, state of the art equipment with the latest and fastest technologies. Cisco routers and switches are deployed in the core, and LTE 4G is being used on the edge. This is then connected by fibre into the Interchange submarine cable where it is connected via fibre back to Australia where it terminates in a tier 1 Data Center at Equinix for connectivity to the rest of the world. How much more Nerdy do you want us to get?

Ready to sign up?

Check out our Plans & Pricing or visit our brand new Experience Centre just across from the Anchor Inn to witness the true power of 4G.