All the devices you need to connect to the WanTok 4G network are available for purchase when you sign up.

Outdoor antennae – purchase and installation by WanTok technician : VUV 15,000

If you’ve got a device from somewhere else such as 4g smart phone or tablet, then it needs to be 4G LTE TDD Band 40 (2300MHz) compatible. Other 4G devices from Australia and New Zealand may not automatically work.

MiFi device – VUV 9,500 (includes Wantok LTE SIM)

MiFI devices are pocket sized LTE modems that you can take with you wherever you go and connect to the internet. They will support up to 8 devices over WiFi, so more than one user can connect to the internet at a time wirelessly

Devices are on display at our Experience Centre just across from the Anchor Inn.