If you want to start saving on your call costs, get WanTok Voice into your vocabulary. WanTok Voice utilises VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), so that all your calls are made over your broadband connection. It works just like your traditional landline service, but at a fraction of the cost.

WanTok has just launched Voice plans to help you save on your call costs. Check out our prepaid and post-paid offers for amazing call rates.

Register your own unique phone number now from the range of available numbers by completing a sign-up form and dropping it in at our shop or main office.

Numbers are available in the following range: +678 900 0000 to +678 900 9899

Call or email us now to see if your preferred number is available, then print and complete the application form which you can download here: and drop it in to our main office at Transpacific Haos (above Office Pub) or at our outlet opposite Anchor Inn

Cheaper phone bills, with no dropped calls, are now available! Check out our special launch offers here!