WanTok TV

Wantok TV, powered by PLEX, offers customers the ability to stream their favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere, anytime, using their WanTok broadband service. Sign up now to receive your login information, and start enjoying the best streaming service in Vanuatu.  

How do I start watching?

Firstly, come into WanTok’s office and subscribe to the WanTok TV Video package for an additional 2000vt/month. Make sure you retain your receipt number for the purchase as you will need it to sign up for the service.

  1. Go to http://tv.wantok.vu then click Sign Up:

2. Choose your own username, email, and new password and click Sign Up:

3. Disregard the next page, there is nothing more to purchase.

4. Now check your email and make sure you have received the Welcome to Plex! email:

5. Once you have received the email, forward it to tv@team.wantok.vu including your receipt number from the purchase at of the WanTok TV Video service:

6. It could take up to two hours before another email will arrive from PLEX notifying you of the new media that has been shared with you:

7. Open the email then click the link “I accept the invitation”:

8. A new window or tab will pop up then you will be taken to the app.plex.tv website. Disregard this website and open a new browser/tab and go to: http://tv.wantok.vu then login with your username and password.

9. In the following screen, click the drop down menu in the top left hand side (Plex Cloud), then choose WanTok1:

10. Click on Movies_New and at the top click “By Name”, then select “Date Added” to show the newest movies at the top of the list:

11. The newest movies are now listed at the top of the page. When newer movies are added (twice a week) they will appear at the top of the list:

12. Keep your PLEX username and password private, do not share it with anyone or your account may be suspended.