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Who We are?

Headquartered in Port Vila, Vanuatu, WanTok is an MVNO across the South Pacific region. 

The WanTok system or ‘wantokism’ is derived from the Solomons Pijin term for ‘one talk’, meaning from the same language, and implies giving preference to kin in the expectation of a series of reciprocal obligations being fulfilled.

WanTok Vanuatu provides mobile and banking solutions that are ‘second to none along with wireless broadband capacity, tailored business ICT services including reliable cloud hosting services, web development and managed network services in both Vanuatu and the Kingdom of Tonga.

WanTok Vanuatu connects our customers to people they care about – friends, family, or business partners, through the dialect of the modern digital world.

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WanTok Mobile & WanTok Money

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WanTok Vanuatu is continually working to stay ahead of the curve, enlisting advanced technologies to fully serve its customer base’s primary use communication service requirements. And, with WanTok Mobile and WanTok Money, we offer customers the ability to make calls, chat and SMS to WanTok Mobile users (on network), and low-cost calls and SMS to non-WanTok Mobile users.

WanTok Mobile combines the functionalities of a traditional messenger or chat app with so many more features. This allows our customers to access anyone, anywhere around the world, and it is all wrapped up in one simple and easy-to-use app.

In addition, with our ‘virtual bank’ facility, WanTok Money offers customers a low cost, easy to use solution and will be the fastest payment system in the Pacific. Our key goal with WanTok Money is to economically modernise cash payments and distributions, to increase financial inclusion in the Pacific region.

Everything we do is about connecting people – online, by mobile or through transferring money.

Meet WanTok Vanuatu Team

Michelle Abbock - WanTok Vanuatu HR, Admin & Finance Manager

Michelle Abbock

HR, Admin & Finance Manager

Michelle has vast experience in sales, retail and accounts. Michelle has previously worked for Besa Club, MMI Boutique, Paris Shopping and Patec Ltd. After gaining 24 years of work experience, Michelle is now in the leading role as the HR, Admin & Finance Manager for WanTok Network Ltd.

Roderick Aiong WanTok Vanuatu Commercial Team Leadaer

Roderick Aiong

Business Development Manager

Roderick or Chief as we know him, drives commercial ins and out of WanTok. Roderick has previously worked for Digicel (Vanuatu) Ltd for 5 years gaining experience in Customer Care and Sales & Marketing. Roderick further extended his career into the banking industry with Westpac (Vanuatu) Bank Ltd for 3 years before joining WanTok Network Ltd in 2017.

Alfred - WanTok Vanuatu

Alfred George

IP/IT Team Leader

Alfred, the IT Guru within the team, brings with him vast experience in IT Support and engineering, previously worked for Digicel (Vanuatu) Ltd for 5 years in Customer Care and IT Support before moving to Computer World and CNS as their network engineer and senior tech.

Esther - WanTok Vanuatu

Esther Maximo

Business Development Manager

Esther is responsible for developing the Business Solution side of our Business including building and strengthening long-term customer relationships.
Esther has worked in the past with Digicel, Ramada Resort, Café Vila & FR8 Logistics. She brings a wealth of experience to her role – so customers can expect professional and reliable customer service.

Tadachy - WanTok Vanuatu

Tadachy Buleban

Team Lead RAN/Field Operations

Tadachy, Leading the team on Radio Access Network and Field Operations, brings with him vast experience in supporting the team, our customers and system planning and designs, previously worked for TelsatBroadband Ltd for 9 years in Customer Care and IT Support before moving to WanTok Network as Team Leader for RAN/Field Operations.

WanTok Vanuatu Team

WanTok Vanuatu

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WanTok Vanuatu Team Picture


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Our Customers Love Us

WanTok is an excellent service provider. It is efficient when in need. Technicians are always cheerful and helpful during their visits. I have a point to point connection which is such great package.
Rose-Mary Leona
Rose-Mary LeonaOwner, Vila Rose Hotel, Port Vila
The Vanuatu Qualifications Authority has worked with WanTok since 2016. Our working relationship with WanTok started when it hosted our website. Since 2016 till now our website is still hosted by WanTok because:
(1)- The hosting cost is much cheaper.
(2)- Their technicians respond to our queries and issues relating to our website on the time we expect.
(3)- We always establish a working environment where two organisations meet to discuss issues and come up with amicable solution so that VQA as WanTok’s client is always satisfy with the services they provide.
David Lambukly
David LambuklyCEO, VQA, Port Villa
I joined up with WanTok some years ago when I was dissatisfied with my previous internet provider: they were expensive, and inefficient in dealing with problems. WanTok had their problems too some years back, but at least they dealt with them quickly. And in the last few years the service has really been excellent.
But more important than that is the team at WanTok. I have never dealt with a friendlier, more cheerful, and more efficient team in my life! When there is a problem they are onto it immediately: if they can’t deal with it while you wait on the phone, technicians will be at your door within the hour. And the people there are so pleasant to deal with – face-to-face, via email, or on the phone. I’m happy I changed to WanTok, and am happy to stay with them
John Lynch
John Lynch

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