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Who We are?

WanTok Vanuatu introduced the first 4G LTE service provider in Vanuatu and is continually working to stay ahead of the curve, enlisting advanced technologies to fully serve its customer bases’ primary use communication service requirements. WanTok provides wireless broadband capacity, reliable and fast cloud hosting services, managed network services, as well as a comprehensive host of additional communications services.

The WanTok system or wantokism is derived from the Solomons Pijin term for ‘one talk’, meaning from the same language, and implies giving preference to kin in the expectation of a series of reciprocal obligations being fulfilled.

Internet based communication is connecting people from every continent and corner of the planet and WanTok takes great pride in joining people, whether friends, family, or business partners, through the dialect of the modern digital world

WanTok Team

Our Vision

We hope to maintain and continuously improve our high level of quality services so that we can be the best, most reliable, affordable  and preferred Internet service provider in Vanuatu.

Our Mission

We want to surpass the needs and expectations of all our customers by providing reliable Internet, Hosting, Web development and tailored business services with readily available customer support.

Core Values

  • Customer-oriented commitment
  • High Quality Services
  • Simplicity, Reliability & Affordability
  • Innovation
  • State-of-the-art but cost effective technologies

Meet Our Team

Joana Liliu

Operations Manager

Joana runs the day to day daily operations overseeing the WanTok team. Joana brings with her a well-established experience through vast companies such as consult-tech Company, Telecom Vanuatu Ltd and the Vanuatu Government. Joana joined WanTok Network in 2015, where today she is working as an Operations Manager.

Michelle Abbock

HR, Admin & Finance Manager

Michelle has vast experience in sales, retail and accounts. Michelle has previously worked for Besa Club, MMI Boutique, Paris Shopping and Patec Ltd. After gaining 24 years of work experience, Michelle is now in the leading role as the HR, Admin & Finance Manager for WanTok Network Ltd.

Roderick Aiong

Commercial Team Leader

Roderick or Chief as we know him, drives commercial ins and out of WanTok. Roderick has previously worked for Digicel (Vanuatu) Ltd for 5 years gaining experience in Customer Care and Sales & Marketing. Roderick further extended his career into the banking industry with Westpac (Vanuatu) Bank Ltd for 3 years before joining WanTok Network Ltd in 2017.

Alfred George

IP/IT Team Leader

Alfred, the IT Guru within the team, brings with him vast experience in IT Support and engineering, previously worked for Digicel (Vanuatu) Ltd for 5 years in Customer Care and IT Support before moving to Computer World and CNS as their network engineer and senior tech.

Daniel Revo

RAN & FieldOps Team Leader

Daniel a veteran of WanTok engineering team, the first Ni-Van technician/rigger to have worked for Can’l Ltd back in 2010 which was later rebranded to WanTok Network Ltd in 2014. He grew in ranks over the years and now leads and oversees all field operations and all associated Radio Access Networks.


Team Wantok Emi Nambawan


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