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WanTok Vanuatu provides Simple, Reliable and Affordable Consumer Broadband Internet for your residence, business or organization in Vanuatu. With WanTok Vanuatu, you can access the internet from multiple devices in your home or office, allowing you to:

WanTok Consumer Broadband Service
WanTok Vanuatu Consumer Broadband Internet Service

Consumer Broadband Internet you can depend on

We have developed most reliable infrastructure with state of the art hardware and equipment that results in highly efficient and reliable Consumer Broadband Internet Service.

Our passionate team with precise domain knowledge works together to listen, support and provide solutions to your problems so you can experience a dependable consumer broadband internet service.

In-Home WiFi for multiple devices

Surf, stream, download and watch on multiple devices. With WanTok’s Wi-Fi device, you can seamlessly connect up to 10 devices at the same time and stream without buffering or delays.

WanTok’s Consumer Broadband Internet provides fast downloads, more bandwidth capacity, and more power to do what you want. Multiple internet packages are available, so contact us today to find an Internet package that will fit your lifestyle.

WanTok Vanuatu consumer broadband can be used with in-home WiFi devices
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